Guides and Tools overview

Deioth AdminRevBnS posted Aug 15, 15

Hey everyone,

This guides and tools overview post contains the links to all our up-to-date public guides and tools. It will also contain guides and tools not from Codex which we recommend. Out-of-date public guides will be removed from this post when we feel the information is no longer useful to the community.

Revelation Guides:

 Character Development by Lindely
 Class Stat Info-graphics by Asher and Howl
 Introduction to Exorcism by Lindely
 How to get married and Love Points by Veno
 Vanguard by Limourne
 Spiritshaper by Lindely

Blade and Soul Tools:
♦ Character Info EU by Official
 Character Info NA by Official
 Skill tree by Di'el


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