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Blade And Soul - PC - Windrest (EU)

Windrest (EU) - PvP, PvE

Class Requirements (Level 45+)
class Blade Master
class Destroyer
class Summoner
class Force Master
class Kung Fu Master
class Assassin
class Blade Dancer
class Warlock
class Soul Fighter
Recruitment information
Requirements (choose main focus):
♦ PvP focus = 520 AP, 3.6K Equipped Crit, HM7, and 1.9K to 2K in 1v1 (depending on time of season).
♦ PvE focus = 560 AP, 4.0K Equipped Crit, HM7, and all PvE cleared.
♦ PvP and PvE = 540 AP, 3.8K Equipped Crit, HM7, 1.8K to 1.9K in 1v1 (depending on time of season), and all PvE cleared.
♦ Active = 4 hours per day and play with us 5 evenings a week.
♦ Mature = Give and take constructive feedback for everyone's improvement.
♦ Motivated = Hardcore goals you want to reach.
♦ Dedicated = Constantly strive to achieve your goals.
♦ Friendly = Sense of guild camaraderie and respect others.
♦ Adaptive = Quickly learn new content.
♦ International = Understand and speak English.
♦ Communicative = Use TeamSpeak with us.
Time Schedules
Guild PvX during the evenings, times vary depending on content.
Hardcore Raiding PvP PvE voice TS3
Apply Here
Blade&Soul application form
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